Facts on dealing with abortion

Abortion facts painting the picture

Scientific research clearly defines that the beginning of life is at conception. Not only is the life of a child taken but the risks involved in abortion for the mother include death, haemorrhaging and permanen t damage to vital reproductive organs. It is estimated that close to all women will suffer with guilt, shame and remorse. Twenty five percent may experience “post abortion syndrome”, a serious condition involving chronic depression that if left untreated can lead to attempts at suicide. "Abortion" The termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or foetus; especially: the medical procedure of inducing expulsion of a human foetus to terminate a pregnancy. (Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.) Abortion kills more than 85,000 innocent human beings a year in South Africa and 130,000 a day worldwide. Number of abortions per day: 233 Number of abortions per week: 1500 Number of abortions per year: Over 85,000 In South Africa, one in eight pregnancies ends in abortion The year 1996’s Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act marked the passing of one of the most "progressive" abortion laws in the world, entitling South African women of whatever age to a free abortion at a public facility. Beginning at the 8th week of development, an unborn baby that is aborted feels pain during the abortion. The baby feels both psychological and real physical, organic pain. The heart starts beating between 18 and 25 days. Electrical brainwaves have been recorded at 43 days on an EEG. The brain and all body systems are present by eight weeks and functioning a month later. At eight weeks, the baby will wake and sleep, make a fist, suck his thumb, and get hiccups. At the end of nine weeks, the baby has his own unique fingerprints. At 11-12 weeks, the baby is sensitive to heat, touch, light and noise. All body systems are working. He weighs about 28g and is 6-7.5 cm long. He is fully developed before his mother’s pregnancy is even noticeable. This is the age of a baby that the government says can be killed for any reason and without a waiting period for the mother to consider her decision. HOW ABORTIONS ARE PERFORMED Worldwide, abortion ends 55 million young lives every year. And they are ended in horrific ways. The four main methods of abortion are: Suction: A powerful vacuum pressure sucks the unborn baby and placenta from the womb. Dilation and Curettage/Evacuation: A surgical instrument is introduced into the womb and dismembers the unborn child. Prostaglandin: A drug-induced premature labour which expels the unborn child. Salt poisoning is also used in which the child is burned alive in the mother’s womb. Hysterotomy: A mini-caesarean section operation which opens the mother’s uterus where the unborn child is either strangled or left to die by neglect. But whether burnt, smothered, drugged, sucked, or cut to pieces, the result is death for the newly conceived life.

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